Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ezequiels B-day & Thomas Cake

This past weekend was Zickels B-day & so with that I thought it would be a good idea to have his party & Halloween on the same day,thinking it would be nice if all the kids could get ready together and all but um never again,lol!We were pretty much dead tired and for the first year I just thought uugghh lets just skip it this year,but of course you cant do that,so I wanted to share a couple pics with you of Zickels cake,he chose Thomas the tank engine this year,very cute,I was going to do a spiral cake but then decided differently.I made some mis calculations,the side of the cake turned out not to be big enought o set the train on,I measured it,the trains were 1in so I gave myself 1 1/2in but did not account for the buttercream & fondant bulk go figure!Anyways here it is.In the end I loved it & Zickel was so happy when he woke up that morning & seen it so thats all that matters.
It is 4 9in rounds for the bottom tier White cake with orange coloring & devils food with Italian meringue buttercream recipe from Cake Journal ,which was super easy & tasted great ;)