Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Domain Change

So ive decided to change the name of my domain ;) Its easier & I think it will just work better in general.
Disaster In Designs was a digital scrapping site,which I still love to do & will still offer,I just got tired of running so many blogs for different things.So to explain the new name .... Manda is what my sisters call me along with my online friends,May is my middle name & I added the d just because I made it,so its 2 words MandaMayd.
The new site will offer:
Digital Scrapping products such as CU/PU/S4H/CU4CU & Freebies.This will include the same for Taggers since that is another thing I like to do ;)
Recipes that either Ive come up with myself or have tried from somewhere,I will let you know where they come from also so you can try it yourself if you want.
Cake Decorating how tos only if Ive figured it out myself,if its a tut from somewhere I will let you know & I am a member of CDWD,I love this site & Donna is a huge help.I love to make things out of fondant/gumpaste but Im still learning alot,I love to work with fondant to cover cakes which sometimes loves me & other times it hates me,lol!
Kid Friendly Stuff I am a mother of 3 & I do have a couple of fav sites so I will share those with you & what we make or come up with.I have a close friend,Cathy, who has 4 children you will also see her cakes & anything she wishes to show you how to do.
Everyday life ....... thats something we can all relate to ;)
So if your following me for scraps please continue & Im glad to have you stay with me,if your new to the site...Welcome & make sure to hit the follow button so you dont miss anything,if you wish to share your site with me just leave it in the comments & i will save & post it.
Thanks Everyone & have a good day.