Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wedding Cake .....

Hi everyone ..... first I have to say sorry,I didnt realize I had the comments turned off,thnak you to everyone who emailed me about that ;)
Second I wasnt going to show these pics cause it really was upsetting..... but we will get over it & move on.Just another lesson learned ;)
Top tier before-it was the lake on which the groom & bride stood
Bottom tier before-a couple touch ups needed but done-now I didnt take anymore cause I figured I would get a bunch at the wedding .........
By the time it was delivered-the boat & dock were made from fondant,it really was a cute cake & i had alot of fun doing it-little stressful but thats ok,lol!
Bride & Groom still loved so thats what matters right?? ......

Ok Im off to work on my links for the blog & need to update the other ones also