Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hi again everyone,
I just wanted to take out a couple minutes in the day to tell you about the site I subscribe to , to help me learn more about the cake decorating world & actually get better at what I
really love to do.
The site is called Cake Decorating With Donna ,Donna has just opend this site up and she already has a ton of info tip,tricks.The difference with CDWD & one of the main reasons I keep up with her site is that she offers videos that show her actually doing or making something from start to finish,really breaks it down & for me thats priceless,lol!
I wanted to show you a couple cakes shes done for us in video
I love the purse cakes & with Donna you can learn step by step ..... very nice!
Isnt this cake just beautiful,I love the dress & the technique she used to get the buttercream,yes its buttercream, to look like that was very easy.Never would have thought of it.

This cake is so adorable isnt it,I plan on doing this one after the wedding cake next week,my little girl loves kittys ;)
These are so adorable & easy to that Ive seen itdone that is,lol!

We also have LIVE web classes so its hands on,she will answer your questions as we go,
how cool is that.This weeks LIVE class will be on a Gumpaste High Heel Shoe.
With all of this she also has Giveaways Ive won 2 so far myself ;).
One is a subscription to American Cake Decorating Magazine whoohoo & the other was a book called Hello Cupcake,I just got it yesterday & I cant wait to try some stuff in their its an awesome book.So stop by & have a look,I know you'll love it ;).
Happy Caking