Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey .....

So how is everyone? Well ive decided to share my disasters with cakes,lol!
I like to look back and think omg what was i doing,what was I thinking or just simplywhat I could have done to make it all better..... So I have about 30+ pics im goingto share and tell you about each one along the way ..... whoohoo ready? And BTW if any of you want to share yours also please do,its nice to see how far weve all come,if you dont have a blog but want to share,ill be happy to post them for you ;).You can just email the pic to me & about it & ill get it up asap ...... I would also like to mention where Ive learned to do some things & why Ive gotten better finally.....Im one of those I have to see it being done to do it kinda people so when I found Donna I knew I was set,she explains everything in detail & has videos to learn from.She also has alot of great tipson icing & sculpting figures,if you dont know who she is or you do but havent seen her subscription site please go here & check it out....... on to the pics!
I will be linking Donna & others to the side later I have some stuff to finish up first.