Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter 09

So easter comes & goes,I made a cake that I was not happy with,the buttercream did NOT hold up to the heat & it looked baaaad!
Even with that the Bunnies made me happy,I had fun making them & learning a couple new things along the way.With thisbuny I made her ears different & used a little tool that made her ears look like they were stitched on the edges.For her bandana & outfit I used my scrapbooking stamps ;) worked great.
This is the tool I used for her ears ......

These are the stamps I used for her outfit,these are Uber/Really cheap on ebay compared to the stores,but if your not comfy with ebay you can always find them in your local Joanne's or Michael's or a scrapbook shop,even Walmart carries them so they are easy to find.I have found that alot of scrapbooking things are great for fondant ;).
I will add tho,make sure they are new/never been used before .... before you use them on your figures & such.

Heres her outfit before it went on her

This bunny was made using Donna's tut,now I didnt do as good of a job of course ;) but it was easy & fun

Wanted to show you her tail,I again used my little $2 clay gun,you can see my mistake with her ear,theres a nick in it,that came from letting it get to dry & trying to make the ears bend more after it sitting for a bit.

And heres one of the other bunnies made & also showing you the Easter basket you can learn to make at Donna's