Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Melting MMF

Ok so I dont mean melting MMF in a good way,this was bad very bad,so I have these books from Debbie Brown ...... awesome cakes.That I thought I would try.... hehehe well heres my go at one,I failed miserably,so anyways using MMF that doesnt hold up to the heat at all.As I got it doneI noticed it was drooping ..... kinda melting its way south.So I didnt even bother finishing the cake up.I said ok before it goes any further lets get the party started,lol!
Now because Ezequiels b-day falls very close to Halloween,I get to cheat & mix up his cake a bit,anyways heres my kitty sitting in the pumpkin ......
The Kitty,Pumpkins & McQueen were made from straight gumpaste (which I no longer use)
you can see all the horrible cracks in it.The thing sitting beside the kitty was his witchs hat,haha again size issues.

See he enjoyed it ....... ha ha ha .......... we are bad about craming your face into a cake ;)