Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gingi Bread Train

Im sure at some point & time weve all thought about doinga Ginger Bread House for Christmas time,maybe its a regular thing for you & your great at it or maybe it scares you to death .... haha!
For me it was .... well I really dont want to do the "traditional" thing.So again I hit the net ..... the www loves me :p ..... anyways,I seen on a family site the idea for the train & I thought PERFECT!
So all the pieces baked & stacked together in order,heres a look at the train before its put together,now I did make extra little men & wheels in case of "Oh mommy hes eating your cookies" ..... !
So in the next few pics im just going to show you the "cars" after we got them done.We being me & the kids ;)

Andhere it is all together,now the site has it sitting on a track .... but I didntget that far.