Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mario Cake

This was my first attempt at a topsy turvy cake whoohoo ....... i had fun with this one & again I used MMF,now Mario is actually Wilton Fondant & Tylose yeah for me & it worked GREAT!Doesnt he look cool,I loved it,altho I did leave his overalls off ......oops!
Death to poor Mario after the cake was cut ...... he had a good run dont worry.
And here Mario is sitting on top of his tall cake,This cake was for my oldest,Tyler who turned 11,now Tyler did want Sonic the hedgehog & Mario Mixed,then he decided to save me & said hey mom just do it in Mario ....... whoohoo I was so happy he said that,lol!Cause to be honest I was lost on Shadow & Sonic....
The cake was ok I dont knowif you can see the mistakes but they were definatly there.
In the end it turned out nice & Tyler loved it so all was good.

I will definatly do topsy turvys over & over,I love them & the are just plain fun to make.