Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why not to Use The Following ......

So here we have a good example why NOT to use MMF when making figures & why NOT to use regular box cake mixes without proper support.
You can see in this first pic,I LOVE the colors of this cake It looked so much better in my head,lol!This was Alicias (my daughter) 2nd b-day cake.Yes Im skipping over her first because it was at the beach so no party just a beautiful day at the beach.
Again its MMF without all the problems except the fact it was only my 2nd time using it,oh yeah there was a good year/year & 1/2 between the car & this cake.So I got the first tier done and with NO supports (cause I didnt know any better) I put the second one on top,you can also see all the lumps,I did no carving off the top for this cake ....... lordy did I have alot to learn.So anyways as it goes slightly to the side we take a look at another boo-boo ........
This is a MMF sculpted doggie,i just didnt like the color so I added a bit of black & whoohoo choco the dog came to life ...... and got FATTER & FATTER & somehow Shorter.This was straight MMF no Tylose or CMC added ........ again another lesson learned.This one actually sat on top of her cake.
So here you have a look at both my poor MMF Short Fat Doggies.Again Ill have to redeem myself.

Are you learning withme on what not to do ..... ? I hope someone is ;)