Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog Issues:

I am Soooooo sorry everyone,evidently the place I host my background & header images dont likeit,lol! To much traffic or whatever the problem may be.So until I get itfigured out & get a reliable host I will leave it the way you see it now.
Julie lmbo no I didnt do it on purpose,the original bg was red so I had all the text white.
Lori and to everyone who put up with this & downloaded anyways thank you so much for having patience with my error in spiffing up my blog,lol!I will get it fixed up & looking christmas-y again asap!
So with a Great Big Apology Hug to everyone Im off to work on this blog & more goodies for you ;)
p.s.dont you just love mylittle pixel bear Ali made me,lol!If your into tags & taggin she is one of the best out there,you will be seeing alot more of my tags,dont worry all will be "little eye" friendly on this blog ;) I will be throwing up my tag blog in the next couple weeks,im running late on doing that,but cant wait to get it done ;)