Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well ....

Ok so I got pspX up & running my X2 is shot I think so im gonna have to wait it out till my new disk comes,my CS2 is working fine just had to fix a couple things,so whoohoo,I will be able to do the collab after all ;).
Hugs & Ill see you tomarrow


Mags said...

Just an FYI: You signed up for the ADSD May Collab (Sunshine Beach) which launched today. Please post your part on your blog, because people will be stopping here looking for it.
Or - if you are still having trouble with your programs, be sure to remove yourself from the list in the forum!
Mags, ADSD Admin

Anonymous said...

LOL Manda, I think maybe you might want to rename your blog?? ;) Hope it is going better for you now.

craftys Designs said...

I have psp and lost the code do you minde if I use yours I have psp x2 But I like the first one better.I have photoshop 5 but dont like it...Angela