Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lightning McQueen Gone Wrong

So my little boy LOVES Lightning McQueen so I thought omg I HAVE got to make him a cake in the shape of this character so I again searched the net and I had been reading & finding out about fondant so this is where my adventure really began,so I fread about marshmallow fondant & thought well that sounds cool,lets do that.So this ball of MMF sitting before you looks great & I was so happy for myself for making it ;)
And these are the cakes whoohoo turned out good also

so we started carving & that also wasnt to bad...... on a roll .......

first icing ... I know now the mistakes made,but remember I was a beginner

And heres the start to my downfall .......RED food coloring ..... Ugghh!! Regular food color.You can Im sure guess what I did & what it took to get this red when you dont know that red darkens with TIME!!!!

ok so the cakes covered ......... um this is suppose to be fondant ????

and a buttercream bottom ........ yeah I know my size issues are off,lol!

ok so hes looking a little better .... harder than I thought .....

And this is the end result,he ended up with no wheels,I dont even know how many hours later this was but after the aggrevation of the red fondant I was over it.

But all in all he loved it & knew who it was the minute his eyes went on so that made me happy.... first disaster over......Anyone else try this character before? I would really love to redeem myself,so I may just do another one after the weeding cake next week.