Monday, April 6, 2009

Back & Doing a Makeover

Hi everyone,first off I want to say Thank You to everyone who left me messages & emails while I was gone about my Grandmother,it means alot to me that you took the time out to say something,so BIG HUGS to all of you who did.Withsad news my Grandma did pass from cancer,we are all so sad to see her go she was able to light up myday,make me smile when I didnt want to & ALWAYS told you excatly what she thought,lol! And I loved her for it,Ive actually been home for awhile just didnt feel like doing much of anything until now,im dealing with it a little better & miss the scrapping world ;) & all the friends Ive made.So with that said .....
I have decided to throw my blogs together,I have 3 & its just getting annoying going to all of them,I will make sure & tag the post so those of you who scrap,take pictures....the 365 thing ;) & those of you who decorate cakes will be able to find my posts about those topics easy,Ive really fallen in love with cake decorating lately,not that im good at it,lol! But its fun & creative,I love making gumpaste figures & such.
I will start working on the blog today so if everything is a little messed up know why.
Bye for now ..... see ya soon tho ;)