Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Cu Item

Hey Everyone .... so ive been a baaaaaaad blogger,lol!

But I got sick all of a sudden & it hit me hard BLAH!!!!!

I really hate being sick & with 3 kids it is not fun,lol!

But thats what hubby's are for right,to step in & take care of you .... which he did very well.

Cris (my hubby) made dinner for me & the kids plus made his own which was something totally different & then made me some tea..... I LOVE the tea he makes for me,it tastes really good & fills the house with the smell of cinnamon ... Ok enough of that ;)

i have a freebie for you today,its CU Ok & it actually a burnt pic that I messed around with,with some brushs/color & textures to get the faces & basic scene gone.I was going to actually put it in my upcoming part of The Holly Jolly Collab as Santas List ;),but decided to take this route instead.Anyways I hope you like it & Im off to try & get some sleep .... wish me luck,lol!

But first you have to see a quickpage I used from Ellie Lash....Im a HUGE fan of QP
This one happens to be of my daughter we call Sissy,on her 2nd bday.
She was just too tired to go anymore,lol!

And now on to the freebie
(click the pic ;)


Lady Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us over at CU Freebies Only Forum.


Jewel said...

Thank you for this, I can definitely use it:)

Tammy aka bunchie said...

tyvm this is great!