Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free Kit,Overlays & Cute lil Punkin

Welllll ........ its been a loooooooong day BLAH !
Good point of the day it was windy & cooler than it has been all summer so I got to actually turn the air off & open up the house whoohoo FRESH AIR,lol!
Ok enough of that,I have 3 things for you.
I have a BCA Pink Oct. Kit for you ... I hold BCA close to my heart for family reasons.I hope you enjoy it,I also have to Textured Overlays I used in the kit for you,they are greyscaled & CU so have fun with those ;),lastly I have a pumpkin for you,this little guy has been siting in my halloween folder just waiting for his buddies to be created & the kit to be finished ..... but um I didnt get there,lol.So hes part of a scrapped kit so im offering him to you as a CU item,have fun with him & if you finish his mouth please let me see so I can post it here.Oh yeah I also wanted to mention that he is in 5 layers w/wo eyes,glass & grungy.
Have a good Day Everyone & dont forget to leave some Love :0)


Mariscrap said...

Thank you for all this CU items...very great!!