Monday, August 25, 2008

2 Freebies for you & A dose Of Pain

Hey everyone,Well I have to start off by telling you what I did today .... as most of you know I moved recently & its a smaller place,well Im moving things around still & I have my boys dresser in the kitchen(yes in the kitchen) standing on its side,lol!...its between the kitchen table & the hallway well I was hurrying around today & went to go down the hall & SMACKED my knee right into the side of this thing,omg paaaaiiin...I now have a big swelled up bruise on my knee.Nice Huh!Ok so enough of that I have a couple things for you today 1st one is a set of brushs made from the fireworks we set off this year,so here is just a preview,there are 6 in all done in pspX,shown at %50.

The 2nd one I have for you is made from a freebie script at BlueBirds make sure to stop by for more scripts & show her some love.There are6 random colors & a greyscaled one for you to play with.I used one of my pictures of some satin I bought & just adjusted the color.These are done at 500x500 in pspX & 72dpi so they are aimed for taggers,but can easily be used by DigiScrappers if your not planning on printing ;).
Ok thats it for always if you have any questions feel free to email me.
Have a good day